Experience the city with a personal city ambassador

Experience the city with a personal city ambassador

The sharing economy model as part of the “crowd” trend has brought a complete new way of social organisation, re-defining work spaces, the way we consume, create, interact and for instance, the way we travel and experience cities. One of the best and obvious examples of this has been the successful model of Airbnb, but other examples like Worksufers and Eatwith – “the passionate community of food lovers and world travelers”, have become very popular. These are just an example of many different communities that have populated to cover all the different needs you can have when visiting a city.


After housing, work and food, the next step is nightlife! Zoolafix is a new community of party-goers that share their “party knowledge” and contacts with you to ensure you make the most of the city nightlife, whether you prefer a mainstream club or an underground party.

zoolafix profile

These platforms are much more convinient and easy-to-access than any other traditional offer, providing travellers with a complete bespoke, personal, authentic and unique experience on demand, which are key insights when planning a trip, whether it is just for leisure or for professional reasons.

Companies and organisations involved in the development of city brand strategies or working in the travelling industry will have to be aware of the evolution of all these platforms when developing their plans to either incorporate them in their marketing plans and develop new ways of differentiation.

Sharing economy

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