London: creating a city brand

London: creating a city brand

London, along with New York, is one of the economic and cultural epicentres of the world in which other cities try to reflect themselves. To keep this leadership is crucial in order to preserve a strong city brand and continue attracting talent and investment.

London’s brand strategy includes positioning the city as the digital capital of the world, focusing on the attraction of entrepreneurs and startups in the digital and tech industry. As other cities have done, London took advantage of the organisation of the Olympic Games to launch a renovated city brand.

Companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, FourSquare and Pinterest have located their European headquarters in London, attracting new digital startups and companies – worth a read this interesting article on Wired Magazine.


The latest world city brand barometers show the good health of the London brand, keeping top positions on all rankings and competing directly with New York, a competition that is constantly perceived in all the spheres of the city – comparisons between both cities are constant, despite of London is still trying to reflect itself on New York, which has a clearer and powerful city brand positioning.

The Council of London and the British Government itself have created a group of sub-organisations, companies and programmes to establish a strong London brand positioning. The agency London and Partners is the main organisation aimed at achieving this objective, defining itself as “The Official Organisation to Promote London” – a range of opportunities for knowledge exchange and the international projection are the main selling points to promote the city.

Tech City UK is the organisation aimed to increase the attraction and promotion of entrepreneurs and startups in London as a capital, as well as to be the promoter of the largest Tech Cluster Alliance in Europe.

It´s not a coincidence that the main tech epicentre of London is located in the hipster epicentre of the city, surrounded by design studios and alternative fashion firms, as well as beside The City – one of the main economic and financial epicentres of Europe.

Tech City Map is a really interesting map that shows the location and real-time interactions of digital startups in East London, showing real-time tweets as well. Worth a visit to know in real-time what’s going on in the digital sphere in London.

East London Tech City Map

Open Co London is an annual conference event which works as a meeting point and promotional media for innovation, focusing on the tech and digital sector, specially aimed to startups and new entrepreneurs.


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