Insights and Innovation

Identify key people, culture and brand insights that can help develop powerful ideas successfully and drive sustainable business growth.

Apply the principles of social anthropology, behavioural psychology, and plain common sense, to the understanding of what people’s attitudes, utterances and actions mean, looking for truths that have big strategic implications for the business.

My work spans the following:

Brand positioning and architecture

Innovation strategy

Audience understanding

Concept development

Market entry

Customer satisfaction

User experience


  • Report on results and key recommendations on a visual way – whether it is an infographic, a film, collage, booklet or insight exhibition – based on research objectives.
  • Inclusion of results within a design thinking process.
  • Define a marketing strategy and specific campaigns adapted to local markets and social groups.
  • Creative workshop to develop new ideas based on insights.


  • Traditional quantitative and qualitative techniques
  • Ethnography – online and offline
  • Bulleting boards and personal blogs
  • Online communities
  • Social Media Listening and webanalytics
  • Design thinking
  • Creative workshops and idea generation
  • Gallery groups and immersions
  • Concept and product tests
  • Trend monitoring and forecasting